Monday, December 29, 2008

You know you're getting old when...

It's your birthday, and you wish you would have time to yourself so you could:
1. Clean the house.
2. Get all the laundry done, AND put away.
3. Do some gardening. Yes, it would be late December, but you could still cut the dead plants from the fall.
4. Not just clean the house, but REALLY clean the house, declutter, and find a lot of items to donate. Good to do before the end of the year.
5. While cleaning the house, get rid of LOTS of trash.
6. Sleep in late.
7. Go to bed early.
8. Pay the bills.
9. Oh, and pay the January mortgage early - it would be tax deductible for 2008, right?
10. Do a comparison of auto insurance policies to see if we could get a better deal.
11. Did I mention clean the house? And find items to sell on Craig's List and EBay?

Maybe I should call a babysitter and house-cleaners...


Dr. Mom said...

For sure! That's exactly what I would do. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

You know you're getting old when your DAUGHTER writes about getting old!! Happy Birthday Katy!

A small success here:

I spent 90 minutes on the phone today with the phone company. We have two lines in our house with our FIOS coming in on my business line. I decided to see if I could transfer the FIOS over to the house line and eliminating the business phone by using either my cellphone or the house phone.

Here are the results. I'm going to save around $38 a month by eliminating my business phone completely. We'll be bundling the FIOS on the house phone, with a net savings of $22 a month. Here's where it gets better. If we change over from satellite (which we love, by the way) to the carrier's plan, we can end up saving nearly $50 a month on the video portion of the whole thing. It doesn't really break down that easily, but the net savings here will be around $90 a month total. I'm considering a Blackberry next month so the additional charge will take up some of my monthly savings, but at least I won't have to budget it out of my already extended finanaces.

Katy, you've inspired me!! MOM