Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making a list, checking it twice?

Working on focus, and getting things done. Here's THE list for the day.

Wake up an hour early to take medicine, then go back to sleep
Eat breakfast an hour later
Clean up after everyone's breakfast - dishes in DW, make sure the cats won't knock over glasses with water
Take son to preschool
Try to start car to leave preschool parking lot, car battery is dead
Call AAA (can't call, don't have AA card in wallet, don't have my cell phone either)
Go into preschool to find friend's cell phone number
Have friend rescue me by coming with her AAA card in case we need it
Try to jump car ourselves - doesn't work
Call AAA
Visit with friend in her car while waiting for AAA
Go to YMCA for 9am workout with group training (missed this because of dead car battery)
Do cardio for 30 minutes (missed this because of dead car battery)
Spend 1 hour and 45 minutes in pre-school parking lot, thanks Kelly, for your help and company!
Jump start the bad battery, but since it's bad, AAA installs new battery
Start a load of laundry
Contemplate what to do for the rest of morning - have 1 hour and 15 minutes before going back to to preschool
Put cell phone and AAA card back in my purse where they belong!
Take a deep breath


Review payments due to my Mom for the Taste of Home Entertaining Party on Saturday
Write email to trainer to tell her why I missed class today
Go to pick up check from someone in neighborhood for Taste of Home party
Mail checks to Mom
Mail baby gift to friend in North Carolina at Post Office
Find Smart Label return slips for Sahalie products
Go to the grocery store for the short-list of things we need
Mail return items to - they didn't fit - about $140 worth!
Pick up son at preschool
Make and clean up after lunch
Close the party with my mom
Sort through prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines - threw away 22 that had expired since 2007
Play with son!
Print out and fill out forms for transfer of medical records from 7 doctors to our new healthcare providers - ah, but not so easy - many of the doctors require that you have THEIR form, and many are not available online. Spent 45 minutes accomplishing very little on this task. It will cost a bit of money too, to get the files transferred. I am going to look carefully though my own files and see if I have enough meaningful copies of information to share, or do I really need the whole file? Frustrating.
Get daughter to do her homework - about one hour of monitoring required
Get daughter to practice violin - about 15 minutes of monitoring required
Cook dinner, eat it with family, manage to get both kids to eat some tilapia and broccoli
Get all the recycling - paper, plastic, glass, metal etc ready for trash pick-up tomorrow
Take out all the regular trash
Fold two loads of laundry - one from 11pm last night
Babysit for another family in our babysitting coop from 6:30 - 10:30 pm. - Cancelled
Baths, books

I couldn't resist checking email more than 3 times today, but I did keep things brief and to the point. I think I still was within the time I had hoped for... And my in-box is at 9 items right now, so that's great!

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Flatlander said...

Your day is very similar to mine except for all that stuff you seem to be doing all the time. Here's a list for my average day:

Wake up
Have coffee
Walk the dogs
Eat lunch
Walk the dogs
Wait till my wife comes home from work and makes dinner
Watch T.V.
Go to bed

If you do this for 2 weeks it's called "vacation". If you do it ad nauseum it's called "retirement".