Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dec 23 - Last-Minute Gift Ideas

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Saving cash ---This morning, I'm watching my daughter's best friend while her parents are at work. (No babysitter costs for me and my friends, if we can avoid it!) I won't be working again out of the house until my next trip to Africa - which will be Ethiopia in January. I'm also doing some kid-swapping so another mom and I can get a few errands done, even some which are NOT holiday-related. (Imagine that!) But I do have just a few gifts left to get. My goal is to avoid all parking garages - yesterday friends got stuck in garages for 25 minutes and more, and that's the last thing I want. I need to be time- and energy-efficient now.

Here are some last minute gift ideas if you don't want to stray far from home:
  • Buy Amazon.com Gift Cards - You can print them out at home or email them directly to the recipient. Or you can simply drop a physical Gift Card into their Amazon.com shopping cart. Great for last minute gifts!
  • Buy Amazon gifts - you can order as late as 3pm PST with one-day shipping and get it by Dec 24. (I am amazed by this, and I'm relieved I shouldn't need to take advantage of this service, but if you do, go for it!!!!)
  • Make your own coupon book. Especially good for someone who wants to save some money or declutter. (See my Clutter-Free gift-giving post)
  • Order a magazine subscription. Give them a recent issue with a card explaining they'll start getting the subscription soon!
  • What about a restaurant gift certificate to a favorite local restaurant? Or an overnight at a nice hotel or Bed and Breakfast?
  • Do you travel a lot? Know someone who doesn't? Can you give your frequent flier miles to someone? Give enough for a round-trip somewhere!
  • Use those frequent flier miles, or credit card points to order something. Lots of times, we let those points accumulate without using them. Choose a splurge item for a friend or family member, print out a picture of what you're getting them, and let them know when they can expect it to arrive.

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