Friday, December 5, 2008

Saving Cash - Some coupons and discounts

I'm getting a bit nervous. I have only bought about 3 gifts for Christmas, and I actually have quite a number of people to shop for. I think after two weeks of not spending money, I'm anxious about spending a significant amount of money. So I'm trying to sort out the deals available before I hit the stores or start my online shopping. I'm not the real "Coupon Mom" but I have some discounts and coupons to share with you. Does anyone have any other favorite coupons we should watch out for, or great sites with online discounts? Send a comment and let's all save some cash!

1. The Coupon Mom - She's been on TV a lot lately - everything from Oprah to CNN. There are all kinds of coupons on her site. Enjoy! Watch a news article about her online and get inspired!

2. Friends don't let friends pay full retail. Before you order ANYTHING online, go to You can find free shipping, discounts, and special deals. Most involve a code share that you enter before checking out online.

3. Keep your eyes open for a Target Coupon in the mail. I got mine with a catalog that came yesterday - and it's good for $10 off a purchase of $100 or more. If I'm honest with myself, I know I can easily spend $100 at Target, and will soon, so why not get 10% off? (I can always stock up on toilet paper if I can't find anything else to buy...)

4. Orvis - I got a catalog the other day from them with a $25 coupon off any purchase of $50 or more. That's 50% off. And I got another one to share with a friend. If you're local, let me know if you want it... This one is only good in the store.

5. Foot Locker - Friends and Family discount of 30%! Shop online and use promotion code EMFF8C3P. Good only through this Sunday December 7, 2008. If you want to buy in the store, let me know and I can forward the coupon on to you, or try to figure out how to post it. (Attachments on my blog are not exactly my strength yet!)

6. JJill - one of my favorite clothing stores. Sign up for their Take 5 program and you get 10% off your first purchase, and then 5% off every purchase after that, plus an extra 5% on your birthday month. The interest rate is high on the card, so don't do it if you might be tempted to spend beyond your means. Most of your favorite stores probably offer similar programs. Sometimes during the year they offer 10% off for Take 5 members.

7. Send me some of your ideas - help us all save money!


Ambria said...

I just finished (almost) my holiday shopping and here are some other ideas:

- If you're going to do shopping online anyway, go to first to see if your store is listed. They offer a percentage (2-8%) of your purchase in the form of a rebate check sent out in February. They also offer various promos.

- If you are going to buy gift cards, check out the loyalty card programs. Fred Meyer (super-Kroger) is offering double points on all gift card purchases between now and the end of the year. This can equal cheaper gas, more coupons, and a reward coupon down the road.

- If you are good about paying your credit card and have a card that gives you miles or other rewards, use those, then come straight home and pay them off! One day I'm going to fly to Europe c/o AmEx! :)

- - $1 shipping for your entire order.

- If you sign up for Amazon Prime (free for 1 month) you get $2.99 shipping for every order. Just make sure you cancel it before they begin charging you a service fee.

- Look at the whole picture: online prices, shipping, tax, discounts. Even though one place might have a slightly cheaper price, the tax and shipping could make it cost more.

whewwww. That's all I have.

Now, what to do with all that extra cash? Maybe doing a little shopping for a family in need ... Anyone have ideas?

Flatlander said...

Nothing says christmas like 10% off toilet paper at Target!

Happy Holidays

Jenn said...

Another good site is CheapTweet ( It collects the deals, sales, and discounts people talk about on Twitter for anyone to use. There are deals on everything from electronics to clothing to toys.

Dr. Mom said...

Check out They describe themselves as a social bargain hunting website. I have gotten some great deals there for Christmas presents.

Katy, Planet Perspectives said...

I'm pretty interested in checking out these sites - cheapwteet and dealigg. I have been using since last year, and do like the money back. One summer, my family had enough Amex points for at least one free round-trip to Europe. Now I'm really lucky, because I get a lot of frequent flier miles - last summer we had 3 free tickets on Air France to Europe, which was awesome!