Thursday, December 4, 2008

Saving Cash – Bananas, A Penny a Pound

We love fresh fruits and veggies. But the costs of red peppers, grapes, and bananas can be a lot more than what I want to pay. So today I headed back to the Grand Mart – International Store where I went shopping the day after we ended our two weeks of spending no money. Today, my focus was largely on vegetables. But some deals were too good to pass up.

I bought bananas for 1 cent a pound! There was a limit of a little bag of bananas, but hey, I only paid a penny for them! Limes were 10 cents each. Grapes, a very reasonable price, unlike the grocery store I was at yesterday. I'm including a picture of my beautiful produce to show you what I got for less than $7.30, including sales tax. Amazing! Is it organic? No. And maybe next time I'll pay better attention to the pros and cons of that… I have read that certain fruits and vegetables absorb more pesticide and so it's more important to buy organic in those cases. But the low price and apparent quality of the produce is quite impressive, organic or not.

In a big metropolitan area, you could probably find an international store like this one. Even in a small town, you may find a place that caters to a more international community, and the prices may be lower than your large, local grocery store. Produce prices are always incredible. I'm lucky that ours is on the way to the doctor's office, so I can just stop in on my way home. It makes shopping there very convenient.


Flatlander said...

I applaud your new found frugality. Here's something that has worked for me along those lines over the years: Be poor. See you in Africa!


Ambria said...

Just wanted to let you know that my dh and I are coming to the end of our "low-spend" experiment, inspired by your no spend! Even with Thanksgiving and the temptation of holiday purchases, we saved just over $500. That's amazing considering this was our tight paycheck where we ALWAYS dip into savings.

Thanks for the inspiration!

btw, did you know you can go to the incredible new history museum in DC for FREE!?! I heard about it on NPR and thought of you :)

Sharon said...

Hey where is this grocery story?

Katy, Planet Perspectives said...

Here's the one I go to - it's at Seven Corners, near the Sym's
6326 Arlington Blvd
Falls Church, VA 22044
(703) 533-1700