Thursday, February 5, 2009

Drop the land line???

We have talked about dropping the land line. I want to, but we have young kids, and I like the idea of having the easy 911 and access on the regular phone. One day my elementary school daughter came home from school on the bus while I was in Africa, instead of staying at the after-school program, simply because she (and the school) forgot I was away. She had a key in her backpack, let herself in the house, and calmly called a neighbor a few blocks away. She announced that she was at home alone. The adult friend rushed over in a panic to take her home with her until dinnertime, when my husband got home from work. My daughter remained calm. What would she have done if there wasn't a phone to use? I'm not quite ready to offer a cell phone to my 2nd grader... On the other hand, I think she could have found another neighbor within closer walking distance to help out, but still... I know it was a freak event, but I do want to get rid of that land line. But is the money saved worth the worry? How does it work of you need to call 911? Does anyone know?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where does the time go?

I don't have to tell you how busy life can be... I haven't blogged in a while!

I signed up yesterday to run my 5k in April, as planned. I was the first to register for the event. Now I realize that I can't run more than 2 blocks at a time, so I better start some serious training, if I ever want to be able to complete this short race. I was always a swimmer, never a runner, so this is a huge challenge for me.

Other New Year's goals, moving slow-ly! Weight loss has been stalled. Not gaining nor losing. Can't complain too much since I haven't really been trying, with the trip to Ethiopia and all the 80 cent beers, and great Ethiopia dishes served on enjera. However, I should be jump-starting the weight loss today as I have to drink clear liquids all day, no food - doctors orders.

Cleaning and decluttering the house are still at the top of the list. Less is more.

Less is more.