Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanks for Reading and Commenting!

I really wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been following our endeavors the last few weeks. Blogging about not spending money keeps us honest. It's one thing to admit to my husband that I bought rice cakes and almonds last night, but what if I had gone crazy, spent much more, and then had to blog about it?! Well, I guess that would make me human, but embarrassed too! The accountability is good for me. And I like writing anyhow!

Your comments are right on. All of you have good ideas, or support ones we have considered or read about it. I wish the comments were more visible for everyone to see easily, like they are on some blogs, but since I'm new at this, the mechanics fall to the way-side a bit! All you have to do is click on the comment icon to read the others, or write your own.

I have a dorky fascination with the map of readers on my blog. Maybe it's the side of me that is "Planet Perspectives" but I love seeing the flags all around the world. If you know someone in a country or state that doesn't have a flag, send them the link for me. My kids really enjoy looking at the map too, and they're starting to learn their countries and flags as well. My 4-year old read "Kansas" the other day - so a shout-out to all of you in Kansas who keep the flag flying!!! ;)

There was request for me to share my shopping list. I think I can do that with an attachment; I'll check that out later today.

Thanks again to everyone for following my blog, and good luck with your own spending!And for those of you interested in the Africa-side of my blog, I hope to get back to that as well in the next week.


Dr. Mom said...

Just to let you know, when you click on the title of the post and it is the only post on the page, you will see the comments at the bottom without having to click on the comments icon. It is like your list of blogs that you have on the side of the page. Click on the blogger and you have their collection or click on the title of the post and you have only that post. If you ever want to link someone's specific post to one of yours, first pull up only the post that you want to link to, not the collection. Copy their post address, highlight a word on your post, click the link button (seen when you are creating a post) and a popup box opens for you to past the address into. That way you do not have to see the address but only a word underlined in your post that will direct your reader to where you want them to go.

BTW, I used to live in DC and also had thyroid issues for eight years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,
Thanks for your honesty. It is indeed catchy and I will try it too. I have been spending consciously for a few months. In the last week, I finally started buying only with cash. It is amazing how I am conscious when I'll be buying anything and making sure I have cash on hand. This way, I noticed, I have to pre-plan what I am going to spend money on and what not. Good luck with the last two days. I admire your whole family pulling it off together. I bet the children see it as a great game!