Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 10 – Break-down

Yep, we had to give in before we actually had a real break-down. Not mental, mind you, but money. We bought gas today. Believe me; we debated it for quite some time before we agreed to put 5 gallons into the Beetle. My husband had to leave for work at 6:30 am today to attend a conference which was on the other side of DC, and then had a work dinner afterwards at a different location. He didn't have any carpooling options, so we considered the metro. Maybe we had some old metro cards somewhere in the house that he could have used for fares. Maybe I could have driven it up the hill to my son's pre-school, and could have put it in neutral to coast down the hill to save gas. Or maybe it was just time to spend a little money. Diesel costs more than regular, and our Beetle is a diesel, so I'm guessing he spent around $13. But he was getting a free breakfast, lunch and dinner today, so that was probably well-worth it!

Another near break-down almost occurred today when I realized my morning drink of choice will be no more. My lovely double-espresso with a tiny spoonful of raw sugar is finished. I must switch to decaf espresso or regular coffee. I can do either, but I do really like to have at least one double-espresso a day. (Yes, I hear the violins playing for me…)

Our fridge is looking very empty. I should probably clean the inside of it while there isn't too much to move around. I think that was a Fly Lady task for today, but I might not get to it until tomorrow.

On a healthy note, I'm getting back into the routine of making homemade bread in our Zojirushi bread machine. It's so easy to do; my 4-year old did most of the measurements independently today. The clean up is fast and simple, and best of all, we have hot bread every other day! Yum!


Myideallife said...

You're an inspiration! I often have a week or two of buying 'non-essentials' but two weeks of no nothings? Good for you! I love the idea of cleaning the fridge since it's so empty, that appeals to my flyladyness :)

philippe said...

bag the tivo, sell your tv's and oh you've got two fondue pots to barter with...strong work you two, I'm not earning right now and spending lots. but alas its that time of year.