Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 3: Barter for the bubbly widow?

My husband was looking to barter for an old, bubbly widow last night after the election results came in. It was our first debate over the intricacies of not spending any money for 2 weeks: Could he sell something in order to buy a bottle of French Veuve Clicquot champagne? I held the hard-line. Even if he sold something to get the money, he would still be spending money. So I said no. And, after all, we did actually have two bottles of champagne in the fridge already. Actually, I think he is still open to making a trade, though what he would give in return, I'm not sure! Send me an email if you can help us out…

Fasting, we both went to get routine blood-work done this morning. Ugh. We both had to leave the house without our morning coffee. And we wouldn't be able to buy any when we got there. In the end, I never made my normal double-espresso. I don't know any more what is making me the most tired: staying up watching the election results, jetlag from last week's trip to Senegal, or skipping my caffeine today. Likely, it's a combo of all three. I packed a variety of snacks to eat between the blood work and my appointment, and avoided the temptation to buy a muffin at the snack bar. So far so good.

Next, I had a visit to my new endocrinologist to follow-up on last November's thyroidectomy and not entirely surprising diagnosis of thyroid cancer. All is going well, but I had conveniently forgotten that soon I would have to do another Whole Body Scan (WBS) which will check my entire body for any signs of thyroid cancer. Without getting too far into it, I'll tell you the parts that impact our pact. To prepare for the scan, I have to take a low dose of a radioactive iodine pill. To prepare for that, I have to eat a low/no-iodine diet for several days in advance. (Thyroid cells are the only ones in the body which absorb iodine, so if any thyroid cells are "hungry" for iodine, they will absorb the radioactive iodine and then will show up on the scan.) Iodine is in a surprising amount of foods. First off are all the salt-added products, which is fairly obvious, but also shrimp, other seafood, milk, certain vegetables, packaged meats, etc. So now my wheels are turning, because I will almost certainly have to go shopping if I have to do my low/no-iodine diet. I don't know yet if I will start the diet this Sunday, or the next, but I guess you will hear all about it in time!

So I did charge the co-pay for the visit to my doctor. Parking in the garage was free. The doctor visit falls under necessities, and was planned.

On the way home from pre-school today as we approached our neighborhood library, my almost 5 year old son asked wistfully if the library was free, or did we have to pay? I assured him that it is free, as long as we return our books and videos on time, so we went in for a while before lunch. We borrowed videos, and I got a book on reusing stuff to make new stuff. Thought I might find a new project to do even though I can't buy anything. We'll see about that.

Tomorrow should be a normal day, so hopefully not too many temptations to spend.

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