Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions - Day 2

The goals in focus today: Write down everything I eat AND get to a healthy BMI

With free babysitting available today, we're going out to dinner and a movie tonight. I've researched the calories and estimates of Weight Watchers points already for what I plan to eat, and posted it on my FitDay account. Today, I am resolved to stay within my " WW points" even if we are going out to dinner. So far today, I've done quite well.

Earlier, I took the kids to the movies and brought my own 94%-fat-free microwave popcorn and bottles of water for us to drink. This was healthier, and of course, cheaper than buying anything there.

On my FitDay account, I'm setting up ranges of healthy eating - carbohydrates, fats, proteins, etc with my goal ranges. The program will calculate the daily results automatically. But it was hard to decide what my goal ranges should be! Just how many grams of protein I should eat per day, or how much saturated fat? After a lot of hunting around on the internet, I found a good link to use, called "Healthy Diet: Do you know what to eat?" It's on the Mayo Clinic site. Thought I'd share the link, since I found it challenging to get good info on the subject today! Hopefully you will find it useful too, especially if you have any healthy eating goals for 2009.

Oh, and I know it's not significant, but it's a mental boost.... I "lost" 1.5 pounds yesterday. In one day. Nothing to get excited about, because I ate a lot of salty food New Year's Eve, and know I was retaining water the morning of New Year's Day. But still, it's nice to see positive progress on my little charts. :)


Flatlander said...

My resolution isn't so much to eat healthy as to have a healthy appetite. It seems to be working! I've already gained 5 pounds and 2009 is only 2 days old. I too am very proud of my discipline. See you in Ethiopia in 2 weeks?


Katy, Planet Perspectives said...

Van - What a great job you have been doing gaining weight! Wear a sign so I'll recognize you in Ethiopia. I'll be the hungry American chick.