Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Radio, Radio!

I just finished an phone interview with the Clark Howard show just a few moments ago. It will air sometime in the next few days, hopefully before I head to the airport to leave for Ethiopia. Although his radio show doesn't air in the DC area, we'll be able to listen to it online. You can click here to go directly to his website, and you'll see the links on the top-left to find a station near you. I hope you'll tune in and let me know what you think. I can't believe I forgot to mention my blog! Duh!

Clark Howard is all about saving money. As he said at the start of our show, he's cheap, and not afraid to admit it! Seems like I'll need to read more of his website, and start to Tivo his show on CNN. One of his goals is to provide "a roadmap to financial stability." Sounds good to me! Anyhow, you'll see he has lots of great topics related to what I've been blogging about - saving cash - and more!


Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy said...

I heard the interview this afternoon! What a great have inspired me to try this (maybe I'll start off with a week and then work up to two). Great job!

Sully said...

How did it go Katy? I had to work...stupid work!
Is it archived somewhere?!?

Lisa said...

I listen to Clark Howard most days and was lucky enough to hear your interview today. I read a book recently titled "Not Buying It" by author Judith Levine. She and her husband didn't spend for a whole year!Like you, they did continue to pay their regular monthly bills, but they didn't eat out at restaurants,or buy processed type foods, no new clothes either! It was quite entertaining and so inspiring that as of Jan. 1st, I am keeping tabs on every dollar that i spend and have cut out lots of unnecessary purchases already, Today I closed a checking account that had been charging me 10.00 a month as a service charge.And i am in the process of removing one of the phone lines in our house(another 30.00 per month) Anyway, I already feel more in control of my finances and am more aware of my daily spending habits...Lisa

Chris said...

Great interview!! I wasn't able to stay on long enough to hear if anyone commented but the interview was great! You sounded good and the information that came out gave lots of people food for thought!! Good job!!