Thursday, March 12, 2009

When it rains...

On the way to work today, my husband's car stopped working. We had it towed (AAA) to a local repair shop, and I picked up my husband there after dropping off my son at pre-school. We drove back to the house and he left with my car. I canceled plans to meet a friend for coffee in a nearby town, and worked out arrangements to borrow a friend's car to pick my son up at noon. I walked over to meet her at our neighborhood coffee shop, her satellite office of sorts. After grabbing an espresso, which I desperately needed/wanted, I headed off to pick up my son. Blinkers on, we picked her up in the middle of a work call and I chauffered her back to my place. As we walked in the door at my house to hand off the keys, the house phone rang. She finished up her work call as my cell phone then began to ring insistently. Hoping for news on the car, I answered eagerly.
My husband called to say he had just had a minor fender bender in my car on a highway. The car he bumped suffered minor damage; everyone was fine. He wasn't really sure about my car - no major damage for sure. I called my friend to simply report our bad luck, and she offered use of her car later in the day if needed. Nope, I thought. We are home-bound the rest of the day. Then I realized my daughter has an after-school activity and I have to pick her up rather than having the bus bring her home as it usually does. So after she gets her son from school, we can go fetch her car to get my daughter.
This, the unplanned, shuttling, and negotiations, is the life of a mom, more or less a so-called "stay-at-home"mom. We should be called "on-the-go" rather than "stay-at-home", I am sure. Who ever has time to stay at home???

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Lisadiana said...

I just happened across your blog when I was looking for articles about Ethiopia! Glad I found you though. And yes, I'm still trying to figure out how we came to be called "Stay At Home Moms". I'm never home!