Monday, March 16, 2009

Starting Over

How have you done with your New Year's Resolutions or ambitious ideas for the New Year? It's time to revisit your plans for the future and see if you met any of your goals. If not, are you working toward them, or did you give them up already???

There's nothing earth-shattering to share here. But I feel like it's New Year's all over again. I'm renewing my commitment to continue my journey to better health. Other journeys, like trips to Ethiopia, South Africa and high altitudes in Colorado in less than 45 days did put a strain on my regular exercising routines, eating well and regularly, and just feeling in control of life in general! So I am renewing my focus. On Saturday I renewed my commitment to losing weight and getting to a healthy BMI. Today, I revved up my exercising with some strength training, free weights, squats, lunges, and a bunch of core exercises. And 20 minutes on the elliptical. Tomorrow, more cardio!


Chris said...

Good for you!! A pound at a time...

Diet Plan said...

Nice work Keep on doing :).